Running ClearView on Windows Vista
We have received number of calls how to run ClearView on Vista. ClearView runs well on Vista, but some additional steps may be needed. ClearView shoudl install with no problels. There are two possible problems that may happen when trying to run the simulator running under Vista.  
-  After starting the program, a black command line box appears and the program quits. 
The problem is caused by some Vista video drivers with no proper Open GL support. The latest NVidia and ATI Vista video card drivers have proper open GL support, so the soluition is to download and install the latest VISTA video drivers from your video card manufacturer.   
- ClearView starts and the intro screen appears, but the program hangs and nothing happens.  
The problem is caused by default restriction placed by Vista on all programs. To make ClearVie works on Vsta, follow these steps:  
1. Log into Windows Vista
2. Start the Control Panel, select "User Accounts" then select  "Turn User Account Control On or Off" and  uncheck the UAC check box (Vista will restart).
3. Log into Windows Vista, double Click the "Computer" icon, double Click the "C:" drive (or drive you have CVSIM installed on), double click on "Program Files" and right click on "SVK Systems" folder. 4. Select "Properties", click on the "Security" tab and click on "Edit" button.
5. Set all user groups including "Administrator, Users & TrustedInstaller" to FULL access and click "Apply" and then click "OK".
6. Next navigate to the CV desktop Shortcut, right click on the shortcut and then select "Properties"
7. Click on the "Security" Tab, click on "Edit" button and set all user groups including "Administrator and Interactive" to FULL access, then click "Apply" and "OK"
8. Start the "Control Panel", select "User Accounts" then select "Turn User Account Control On or Off" and check the UAC check box (Vista will restart)
9.  Log into Windows Vista and  enjoy ClearView