Ken's Web Site Adding third party ClearView models:

- Download the model and extract it in known folder. Copy the model folder under c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\models and restart ClearView.

Ken form Florida has a web site with a number of amazing models for ClearView. The number of models that Ken created approaches 100. If you have a model for CV, contact Ken and he may host it there.

Click here for Ken's website

Gunnerson web site You may want to visit ggunners web site for more great models for ClearView. These are very hight quality models that have been tested and set to fly very much like the real models they represent.

All models are in zip format and must be unzipped under ClearView/models directory. Restart the simulator for the new models to show up.

Click here for gguners website

ClearView is designed to support easy model exchange and model customisation. Users experienced with CAD or 3d modeling can create new models. Each model is represented by a directory under "Program Files/SVK Systems/ClearView/models" folder. The model directory contains all files relevant to that model. The model 3d files are in "data" subdirectory of the corresponding model directory. This model files are in open 3d modeling format. The program used to create models is AC3D.

User created models are build and tuned by expert fliers and deserve really close attention. Click here for the expert work of Michael Cofer.

The models in ClearView are fully configurable. The advanced setting for planes provides more than 90 parameters to define all aspects of the model flight behavior. Thanks to Gregory Matthews for creating and to Kenneth Green for formatting and editing plane flight parameters.

Planes Flight Model configuration parameters

Many thanks to Mark Glennon who contributed this excellent manual:

Converting FMS models to ClearView including rotating props, moving surfaces and landing gear (html) or get it from here as pdf.

Mark's document shows how to create rotating props, moving control surfaces, control points and other details and contains all information needed to create models from scratch or convert FMS models to ClearView.

Michael Cofer created another converting manual on the same subject. He covers in details the whole process and gives excellent tips on working with ac3d. We all know Michael for his ClearView models (posted latter on this page) and his flying videos on YouTube. This manual will be of great help to anyone interested in creating new models.

Converting FMS Models to ClearView Using AC3D by MichaelCofer

For help and tips how to create models for ClearView, join the ClearView developers forum here.

Currently, most of the ClearView models are build using flight physics version 5 for planes and version 3 and 4 for helicopters. We have developed a new generation flight physics (version 6) that over time will be used for all ClearView models. This new flight physics is under extensive testing and final tune up. We are in process of documenting how to built, setup and fine tune models for ClearView using the new flight physics. We will be posting all how to documents here:

ClearView models - Introduction
Helicopter models by example
Plane models by example - Part 1
Plane models by example - Part 2
Plane models by example - Part 3
Sample models

ClearView stock helicopter models:

ClearView stock plane models:

Note: Due to size limitations, and in order to keep the latest models in ClearView stock we reserve the right to add or remove models to the stock ClearView distribution.

User created models:

The following models are created and expertly tuned by Michael Cofer. Michael is accomplished 3d plane pilot who created many amazing aerobatic models for ClearView. Here is what Michael say about his models:

"...- I think you and all CV pilots are going to flip over the way I have the parameters set up. I really cant tell much difference between my real 3D aerobatic planes and the sim models. Snap rolls / barrel rolls / blender / flips / rolling harriers left and right outward and inward / knife edges passes slow or fast / elevators / side slips up or inverted /4 point flipping turns / quarter turns in flight / total all out 3D fun." - end of the quote.

You must see his flying videos on YouTube. They are the best. We all can learn a lot watching him fly.

Version 6 models:
3D Hobby Shops Extra 330 Red
Aeroworks Black YAK-54
Carden Extra 330 Green
Carden Extra 330 Yellow
Exceed RC Roboheli Blue
Exceed RC Roboheli Green
Exceed RC Roboheli Red
Exceed RC Roboheli Yellow
Extra 260
Goodrich Pitts Python
Krill Katana Mtn Dew
Eagle Cap 580
SU-31 Paint Splat
SU-31 Rockstar
YAK-55 Aeroworks
YAK-55 Sunburst
Yak 54 Redbull
300S-Air Guard
Besenyei Extra 300S
Besenyei Extra 300 Red Bull
Cap 232
Cap 232 Yellow
Edge 540 Hornet
Edge 540 Mini
Edge 540 Pirtek
Edge 540 Seagull 1
Extra 300-S Firestorm
Extra 300 Extreme Blue
Extra 300 Extreme Red
Giles 202
GP Cap 232
Kapanina SU-26
NEO Planes Yak 54
Pitts Python
SU-31 Blue
SU-31 Red
SU-31 Red Black
Twist 3D 55
Votec 351

Version 5 models:
300S DH
Cap 232 White ACB
Cap 580
DR 107
Edge 540 Red Bull
Edge 540 Seagull 90
Extra 300 Air Killer
Extra 300 Extreme
Extra 300 Red Bull
Extra 300-S Firestorm
Extra 330L
Flat YAK 54
Gary Wards MX2
Hanger9 232
Katana 2
Katana S50
Lightflite Bug
Mini delta
NEO Planes 56 inch Yak 54
P 51-Dago Red R
P 51-Rockwell R
Predator MQ9
Reflection Blue and Yellow
Rotoblitz R
Shockflyer_Edge 2
Somenzini Yak 54
SU-26 Black
SU-31 Matador
SU-31 Orange
SU-31 Road Angel
Twist 3D 40
Ultimate D
YAK-55 Red
Yak 54 Lightning
Yak Sukhoi

Ken Northup and Tom Bale created this beautifull Osprey as joint project:

V-22 Osprey - see readme.txt in the model folder for flight instructions

The following models are created and expertly tunned by Tom Bale:

S-3 Sport
Avro Lancaster
Lightning 234Sqdn
ME 109
Meteor F8 2 Sqdn RAF
Meteor F8 IAF
Walkera 4G6 Helicopter
Parkzone Vapor
Hawker Hunter 3 Sqdn RAF
Sopwith Camel
Calmato 40 Sports
Trex G4 FBL
F117 with Smoke
Royal Navy Buccaneer
Wee Jock

Andrew Hazelden models:

Tricopter Very original 3 blade model. (Requires ClearView ver. 5.14 or higher)
Scorpion Gunship

RC Groups member shizack models:

Blade mCP-X
Blade mSR V2
Blade SR
Giant mSR
Glowing mSR V2
mSR No Canopy V2
mSR Red V2

Paul Bayley models:

DHC-2 Beaver 1/4 scale

Download the model zip file and extract it under ClearViewRC\clearview\models folder. Then restart ClearView and you will see the model listed.

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